Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage is an online storage service where enterprise users and individual users can upload, manage, share and access any type of files at any time and in any place.

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Uploading files:
You can upload files from the local host to the Cloud Storage

Downloading files:
You can download files from Cloud Storage to the local host.

Operating files and folders:
You can create folders and delete, copy, move, and rename folders and files on the cloud Storage.

Sharing files or folders:
You can share folders to other users. If you are an enterprise user, you can also share folders to user groups or share a file to the resource library.

Managing the Resource Library:
The resource library provides common folders for authorized employees in an enterprise. Authorized employees can create, delete, copy, and move folders, and upload, download, copy, move, and delete files in the resource library.

Managing external links:
You can create an external link for a file to generate a file URL. Other users can view and download the file using the URL. You can also delete the external link that has been created for a file.

Managing User Groups:
You can create, delete, and modify user groups. A user can quickly share folders to other users in the same group.

Managing group members:
You can add or delete group members and group members can receive folders shared by the group creator or a group member.
  • Customer benefits

Data security:
Data security is improved using bidirectional authentication, data segment transfer and storage, SSL encryption, data access isolation, automatic data encryption, and operation log audit.

The operation procedure is simple:
Cloud Storage allows users to store, synchronize, upload, download, share, and receive user files. Users can regard the cloud Storage as a network hard disk and perform operations on the cloud disk as on the local disk.

Multi-screen interaction:
Cloud Storage allows information synchronization and sharing on multiple computers, ensuring data consistency on each terminal.

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