Flexible Computing

Flexible computing is a scalable , on demand service to meet the rising demand for virtual machines .With this solution, you no longer need servers on your premises. You can host your applications on virtual servers in our Data Centre at Rose Hill.

  • Flexible Computing

Flexible Computing

Features of Flexible computing: Virtual Machine are configurable based on the following resources : vCPU, RAM and Elastic Storage. Additional features include : Image (OS), Hard Disk, IP address to be associated with elastic bandwidth wherever required.
Additional Services with virtual servers: Virtual Dedicated Firewall, SSL VPN access, IPSec Tunnel, OS licenses.

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  • Advantages
Modify computing capabilities, hardware configurations or your virtual machines within few minutes to meet your real time requirements
Flexible Computing does not involve large upfront costs compared to traditional IT solutions and runs on a OPEX mode.
To ensure your data security, our Data Center is equipped with a comprehensive security system to ensure data protection and physical security including firewall access, isolation of computing resources.
Access to virtual machines on the Cloud
With Flexible Computing, access and manage your virtual resources remotely anywhere anytime. You can choose from a range of access type for your enterprise depending on whether you need a private, public or hybrid Cloud :
1. Shared cloud bandwidth
2. Dedicated Internet access
3. Dedicated WAN VPN access
Multiple Virtual Machines with different OS
Virtual machines support multiple operating systems including Windows, Linux and CentOS. Enterprises can create self defined images for their applications based on images provided by the OS. Enterprises can choose from our standard offers or customise their virtual machines attributes from the Cloud Portal based on their requirements for

- Processing power
- Storage

Enterprises have the additional flexibility of purchasing these resources separately and binding them to any virtual machine .

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