Cloud Backup & Archiving

Cloud Backup and Archiving provides the easiest and most secure computer file backup and restoration modes with more flexibility and advanced options than cloud storage.

  • Cloud Backup & Archiving
Cloud Backup & Archiving

Cloud Backup & Archiving

Orange Cloud Backup and Archiving solution provides you with automated disaster recovery process. Online Backup and Online Archiving are often believed to be the same, although they are quite different from each other – in fact they complement each other.

Features of Cloud Backup:
• No manual backup - the entire process is automated in the background and is easily managed by backup policies
• Backup and restore different versions of same folders with respect to time and date.

Features of Cloud Archiving:
• Move Old or inactive folders off your premises to Archiving platform – Server resources are freed up and backup/recovery times are shortened
• Optimised for long-term data retention, security and compliance with data regulation policies

Accessing your Resources:
You can access your Backup Account through internet using the PC client. Enterprises can also choose to have their dedicated access to the Cloud through IPVPN or WAN VPN.

Charging Mode:
We have flexible charging schemes and payment modes to meet your requirements.
• Prepay – Monthly, Yearly or over a predefined number of month
• Post pay – Monthly

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Wonderful Experience
Members of enterprise users can share the space and files.
Or they can share the files with external personnel by providing a link. Then the external personnel can click the link to open or download the files.
Terminal Support
The system provides a graphical client download page.
PC Client :Windows XP, Windows 2003 server, Windows 2008 server windows 7.
Web Browser: (IE8, IE9, IE10)、(FireFox14.0 and above)、(Google Chrome20.0 and above).
Self-service and Alarms
Users can check the size of the used backup space, size of the remaining space, and space usage (%).
If the backup space usage reaches 80% or more, the system sends an email notification. If the backup space usage reaches 100%, no file can be backed up any more.
If the traffic usage reaches 80% or more, the system sends an email notification. If the traffic usage reaches 100%, no file can be uploaded or downloaded any more.
If the Cloud Backup & Archiving service has expired, the system stops providing the service.
Users can configure the backup policies in the graphical console on the client, which makes data management more convenient.
Storage Policies
Predefined storage policy: The carrier predefines a storage policy and provides them for customers to select.
Graphical backup policy configuration: On the backup policy page, users can configure the backup data object, backup time, backup duration, and type.

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