Block Storage

As your applications and databases grow over time, your virtual machines will need increased storage. EBS provides you with the possibility to choose the storage capacity for your servers and to get on demand storage for your applications.

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Elastic Block Storage

Purchasing mode:support cloud server purchased separately
Security and reliability:industry-leading infrastructures and reliable network designs

Flexible binding of storage to machines

You can manage your Block storage from the console on the Cloud portal. If you have several machines, you can assign each block storage to a specific machine and reassign to another machine based on changes in your requirements on each machine.

Backup and restoration:

With the snapshot functionality, you can create back up of your Block storage and use it for restoration. You also can copy an image of your block storage to another machine

Flexible Storage Schemes
One virtual machine can support multiple Block Storage. You can choose the storage capacity that you need from our flexible offers

Safe and reliable technology
Elastic Block Storage is built in RAID technology for optimum data access rate to the machines and supporting high disk fault tolerance. The snapshot function can be used for data replication and data recovery, increasing the reliability of your machines. Using snapshot , you can also deploy machines faster by copying images to new Block Storage.

Easy management with selfservice portal
From your console on your Cloud account, you can view and access all your Block Storages for :

1. Loading and unloading operations
2. Getting static as well as current usage information.
3. On demand purchase of Block Storage.

Use on demand:
TThe user can buy different specifications and different number of cloud hard disks according to their actual need , the cloud hard disks that are no longer used can be unsubscribed opportunely.

According to the need to pay:
The Telkom Elastic block storage supports flexible pricing strategy and billing mode, users can determine the specifications and quantity of Elastic block storages according to their own need, and pay the fee according to the nunber and the time being used of the Elastic block storages .

Flexible Charging schemes
Check our flexible tariff schemes .

You can choose different payment modes :

- online purchase and payment or
- postpay billing on your Mauritius Telecom Bill.

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